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The Environment!

Saving, Preserving and Enjoying

Bearing Thermal Resources are passionate about the world we live in. We at BTR are involved in enjoying our environment and surroundings through the active pursuit of sport and recreational leisure activities either individually or through involvement with our families or within a team environment!

To use a sporting analogy of rewarding yourself after training or playing hard, how could we reward the environment that we all enjoy so much? Our business by nature is environmentally friendly, as we are promoting, designing and supplying Industrial Composite’s into Heavy Industry. These man made products effectively reduce the use of Grease, Oil, Lubricants and Modifiers being released into our environment. 

Through careful planning and research, we took proactive steps to implement recycling to reduce the impact on the environment when constructing the new BTR premises and establishing production procedures for the manufacturing division once we were up and running. The key criteria for this exercise being:

  • Harvesting rain water in storage tanks in a purpose built basement bunker to assist with sanitary requirements, drought resistant gardens and production usage.
  • Environmentally friendly lighting installed throughout the Administration and Production facility, with light sensors a special feature of the production area.
  • All hand and dish towels are used on a fortnightly rotating basis before being changed over for cleaning.
  • All Engineering Plastic Swarf which was formerly sent to landfill is now individually bagged in preparation for pick up and in turn recycled.
  • All Engineering Plastic Solids which was also sent to landfill is now also individually binned in preparation for pick up and in turn recycled.
  • Obviously all ferrous products are also collected and binned for pick up by metal recyclers.

We all at Bearing Thermal Resources are delighted and excited by the initiatives implemented at the new Kerr Court facility and we are committed and continue to look for further improvements with


We hope you will join us
The Directors, Management, Staff, Employees and Families of Bearing Thermal Resources.